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About Us

The Legendary Taste of Madurai

Phil’s’s Bistro Italian American Restaurant is headed by Chef Philip. The first Italian American Cuisine at Madurai. Each dish is prepared and served individually from the finest and freshest foods. Make your selection from our extensive menu of Italian and American cuisine and enjoy one of the best meals you’ve ever had!

The restaurant successfully combines cuisine and atmosphere to create a dining experience that won’t soon be forgotten. Quiet and elegant, Phil’s Bistro’s Italian American Restaurant is the kind of place that could be your home away from home – smells of spices and homemade cooking fill the air while a friendly and knowledgeable wait staff bends over backwards to cater to your every needs. The menu is vast and impressive showcasing traditional specialties as well as modern adaptations. There is something here sure to tempt every palate even the most discriminating of gourmets!

Italian American cuisine

Italian American cuisine is the cuisine of Italian American immigrants and their descendents, who have modified Italian cuisine under the influence of American culture and immigration patterns of Italians to the United States. As immigrants from different regions of Italy settled in different regions of the United States and became “Italian Americans,” they brought with them diverse traditions of foods and recepies that were particularly identified with their regional origins in Italy and yet infused with the characteristics of their new home locale in America. Many of these foods and recepies developed into new favorites for town peoples and then later for Americans nationwide.

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444,East 9th Street K.K.Nagar, Madurai-625020.

Phone: +91 452 2583444

Email: info@philsbistro.in